The ‘Fiche Technique’ from Foucault, Power, Norm, Strategy – available online

I’ve previously posted about my finally getting a copy of the long out-of-print Michel Foucault, Power, Truth, Strategy – hard to find and generally expensive second-hand. This contains some translations of pieces by Foucault (many are in Power/Knowledge in different translations) and three pieces by Paul Patton, Meaghan Morris and Paul Foss on Foucault’s work. The volume is introduced by a piece by François Chatelet. There is an interesting set of notes from one of Foucault’s 1973 lectures.

The reason for posting about this again is that the useful ‘Fiche Technique’ with suggested amendments to existing translations, focusing on Discipline and Punish and the Swyer translation of ‘Order of Discourse’, is available online – here and here. Thanks to Clare O’Farrell for the alert – and for hosting the excellent site of which these are part.

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