The New York Times redraws borders in the Arabian peninsula


The New York Times (via The Afternoon Map).

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5 Responses to The New York Times redraws borders in the Arabian peninsula

  1. allthingsgeography1 says:

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  2. Chathan says:

    Something happened with my computer so if this comment is a duplicate, you can erase it. This might sound trivial but I’m more than perturbed by the cavalier manner in which the NYT and other western outlets throw about the term “stan” as if its a generic Islamic place name. “Stan” is a suffix of Iranic origin referring to land and only exists in areas dominated by Iranic-speaking peoples (like Kurdistan, Afghanistan or Lorestan) or areas historically under Persianate cultural influence like the Central Asian republics or South Asia. I don’t believe it would be used in predominantly Arabic-speaking western regions like Syria or the Arabian peninsula where Persian cultural influence is minimal.

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