CFP: Michel Foucault: Ethnography and Critique (2014)

Call for papers for a conference on Foucault, ethnology and critique

Foucault News

Call for Papers

Michel Foucault: Ethnography and Critique
Convenors: Orazio Irrera & Martina Tazzioli

Bergamo, June 5-7, 2014
Deadline: February 17, 2014

Conference Website and contact details

Since the Sixties, Michel Foucault had described his work in ethnographic terms, stressing that for him it was a question of situating outside of the culture we belong to, in order to critically show the way in which this latter was built. Foucault’s perspective, far from representing only an historical analysis of the nexus between powers and knowledges, as a genealogy was firmly anchored to the analysis of the present; and it was also grounded on the ethical and political necessity to understand the present as the threshold that splits up what we have become from what we are no longer, in order to open some possibilities to think ourselves differently from what we are.

On the one hand, ethnography appears for sure…

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