Neoliberalism and the ethos of competition

TCS open site discussion of neoliberalism between Nick Gane and Will Davies.

Thinking culture

The new Theory, Culture & Society open site, which I’ve posted a little bit about before, has a discussion between Nick Gane and Will Davies on the topic of ‘Neoliberalism and the ethos of competition’. It’s a really detailed discussion between two leading thinkers on the topic. They begin with a discussion of Will’s forthcoming book The Limits of Neoliberalism, but they move on to discuss the concept and origins of neoliberalism in some detail. They also discuss Foucault’s lectures on biopolitics (and the earlier lectures on governmentality), what they reveal and how they might be used. The interview provides a great overview of the field, which should be really useful. Will and Nick have both recently published articles on the topic in TCS, the articles are available open access for one month.


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