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Understanding the City: Henri Lefebvre and Urban Studies

Understanding the City: Henri Lefebvre and Urban Studies – a collection edited by Gülçin Erdi-Lelandais (via here). Henri Lefebvre is undoubtedly one of the most influential thinkers in the field of urban space and its organization; his theories offer reflections still valid for … Continue reading

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A Survey of University Presses

Some interesting information on university presses, including the revelation that for many presses their own websites account for only 1% of sales…

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Garcia, Johnston, Bryant – Speculative Realism book introductions online

Edinburgh University Press has posted the introductions to three books in the Speculative Realism series edited by Graham Harman: Tristan Garcia’s Form and Object (here), Adrian Johnston’s Adventures in Transcendental Materialism (here), and Levi Bryant’s Onto-Cartography (here). Thanks to New APPS and Levi’s Larval Subjects blog … Continue reading

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Eight Funambulist books available from Punctum

Eight collections of pieces (of a projected fifteen) originally published at The Funambulist by Léopold Lambert are available as books – pdfs online or print-on-demand – from Punctum.

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David Harvey, Seventeen Contradictions… – introduction available online

David Harvey’s latest, Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism is out in April 2014; the introduction is available online. More information here.

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Herculine Barbin dite Alexina B. Nouvelle édition (2014)

Originally posted on Foucault News:
Michel Foucault, Herculine Barbin dite Alexina B. Première parution en 1978 Postface d’Éric Fassin Nouvelle édition suivie d’Un scandale au couvent d’Oscar Panizza en 2014 Hors série Connaissance, Gallimard Parution : 13-03-2014 En 1868 à…

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Gratton’s March 19 lecture in Dublin on object-oriented philosophy

Originally posted on Object-Oriented Philosophy:
You can listen to it HERE. This is the most serious critical engagement with my work so far, and I look forward to reading Gratton’s FORTHCOMING BOOK ON SPECULATIVE REALISM. I deal with quite a…

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Just about every country in the world is involved in a territorial dispute

In The Atlantic, with a link to the CIA World Factbook. From a quick look at the data, unsurprisingly many of these are maritime issues, some on relatively small technical details of boundaries yet to be demarcated; and some relate … Continue reading

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The Crimea Precedent & the Post-Soviet De Facto States

Originally posted on Critical Geopolitics:
The well-known Political Science blog The Monkey Cage, now owned by the Washington Post (now owned by Jeff Bezos; we all work for Amazon now) posted earlier today a concise 3 graph summary of what our De…

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My Talk in Dublin Last Night

Originally posted on PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR:
It was wonderful to meet some good friends in Dublin–a really incisive collective of people. (Greatly, Paul Ennis turned out to be as nihilistic and funny as I found him in…

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