Peter Sloterdijk, ‘The Domestication of Being’ – discussed at Aphelis

At his Aphelis blog, Philippe Theophanidis discusses versions and translations of Peter Sloterdijk’s essay “Die Domestikation des Seins. Für eine Verdeutlichung der Lichtung”.

The excerpt quoted [here] comes from a translation of the fourth and final chapter of the essay. For a while this English translation was hosted both at the Goethe Institute website and at Peter Sloterdijk official website. Those links no longer work, but the text can be access using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine here and here. The same text is available as a PDF on Scribd. There are slight differences between the French and English translations (in the English version, a part of a sentence is missing, a quote by Heidegger is shorten). At the time of writing, a complete English translation of the whole essay still doesn’t exist. [more discussion here]

See also my recent guide to reading Sloterdijk here.

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