The end of David Beer’s Thinking Culture blog

David Beer has decided to close his Thinking Culture blog – a shame, but understandable given his other commitments. He is using his expertise and enthusiasm to great effect at the Theory, Culture and Society blog.

Thinking culture

This is my 610th and final post on Thinking Culture. I’ve been running the blog for around 2 years and 4 months. This is a lot longer than I expected it to run when I first set it up. I originally set the blog up as a way to observe what I ended up calling ‘the politics of circulation‘, I was developing a book project at the time and I wanted to understand the folding-back of data into culture – including what became visible and what didn’t. The blog served it’s purpose, allowing me to see how content circulated, whilst also taking on a life of its own. I ended up averaging several posts a week and archiving all sorts of materials. Most of the posts curated interesting content that roughly related to culture, but I also added longer posts on things I had read, academic practices…

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