Power in a World of Becoming, Process, Entanglement and Attachment – June 2-3 2014, Warwick

Authority & Political Technologies Network 2014: Power in a World of Becoming, Process, Entanglement & Attachment

June 2-3, University of Warwick (Ramphal)

‘In ever era the attempt must be made anew to wrest tradition away from a conformism that is about to overpower it’ (Walter Benjamin)

Plenary Speakers:

Louise Amoore (Durham); Christian Borch (CBS, Copehagen); Costas Douzinas (Birkbeck); Amade M’charek (Amsterdam); Luciana Parisi (Goldsmiths); AbdouMaliq Simone (Goldsmiths)

Parallel Sessions:

  • Biopolitics and Political Spirituality/Religion
  • Materialism and the Political Meaning of Entanglement
  • Authority, Sovereignty and Becoming in the (Post) Colony
  • Process and New Forms of Society(ism), Association and Being in Common
  • Necropolitics and Human Rights
  • Political Re/Imaginaries
  • Silence, Spaces & Spiritualities of Power, Sovereignty & Law

Further information & updates on the conference website.

Please be sure to * register online * if you plan to attend.


Claire Blencowe, Illan rua Wall, Sam Burgham and the Authority & Political Technologies Network at Warwick

Supported by:

Institute of Advanced Studies, Department of Sociology, Department of Law, and the Doctoral Training Centre – University of Warwick

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