Some responses to questions on novels read

I’ve had a few comments or questions on my lists of novels read. Some of these were on facebook or twitter, either now or when I’ve posted previous lists. So some quick responses:

– why do you read so many novels? Are there not more important things to read?

As I’ve said before, these are read as a break from work. A few years ago I began to realise that I was only rarely reading things that were not for work, and reading less-important things in the evenings. I made a decision – it was actually a new year’s resolution – to read more novels, and kept a list initially for myself. Back when I started this, the blog didn’t have nearly so many readers, and I posted a bit more non-work stuff. The post got some traffic and comments, and so I’ve continued doing it. I don’t think it’s made a difference to how much work-related stuff I read.

– how do you read so many novels? how do you read so fast?

I do read quickly, but with novels I’m not trying to read for anything other than enjoyment. I recall enough to make sense of it while reading, but quickly forget things afterwards. I usually read before I go to sleep, and frequently read before I get up, especially if I wake before the alarm, which is quite common. A bit each day quickly adds up.

– how do you chose what to read?

Probably not dissimilar to other people for a large part – suggestions, things that people lend me, new or old books by novelists I’ve enjoyed before. Especially when I’ve visited Ghana or Nigeria, I look through books there – there is quite a good informal lending culture, which has led to some very different things. I also have been trying to work my way back through the Booker prize and Orange prize past winners. I also get quite a few of the kindle book-of-the-day type deals – thinking that at 99p or similar it’s worth taking a chance on something.

– paper or e-book?

Increasingly both. I prefer paper, but am reading more and more on a screen – partly when I am travelling and trying to save weight. Given how much I read, especially on holiday, this really makes a difference.

– why don’t you say more about the books read? A brief review would be nice, or a thumbs up or down.

Partly time, and partly because I don’t remember. I’m not reading these for work-reasons, and don’t want to have to take this on as a duty. I sometimes say a bit about a book when I list them, and sometimes say what stood out from a half-year of reading. But that’s about it and it’s unlikely to be any more than that.

– you should read this, more of this genre, or my novel.

I’m grateful for suggestions, some of which I will follow. But I’m unlikely to read some types of books – sci-fi, fantasy, young adult, comedy, etc..

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