Reflections on teaching the history of geography

Also from Jeremy Crampton – news of the publication of a series of pieces reflecting on teaching the history of geography.

Open Geography

I have a short piece in a forum on teaching the history of geography, organized by Innes Keighren for Progress in Human Geography. There are also contributions by Franklin Ginn, Scott Kirsch, Audrey Kobayashi, Simon Naylor and Jörn Seemann.

Here’s the abstract:

Drawing upon the personal reflections of geographical educators in Brazil, Canada, the UK, and the US, this Forum provides a state-of-the-discipline review of teaching in the history of geography; identifies the practical and pedagogical challenges associated with that teaching; and offers suggestions and provocations as to future innovation. The Forum shows how teaching in the history of geography is valued – as a tool of identity making, as a device for cohort building and professionalization, and as a means of interrogating the disciplinary present – but also how it is challenged by neoliberal educational policies, competing priorities in curriculum design, and sub-disciplinary divisions.

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