Judith Butler bibliography online

When Praxis Becomes Unbearable – a bibliography of Judith Butler’s work.

tumblr_inline_nlrvjkvRry1scclfe_500I am sharing this with whoever cares in the work of this philosopher and in this sort of research endeavor. This is all the work of Judith Butler I was able to find and compile. For 1982-2005, I relied heavily on a compiled bibliography in the book Judith Butler: Live Theory. For 2005-2015, I used the European Graduate School (EGS) website, filling in with other material I have come across. It includes all her books, most of her articles and several lectures and interviews. It is by no means complete and I intend on updating it continuously, but it is a good guide to explore the fascinating and ecstatic work of this great thinker.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Click the link to access the file


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