Molecular Red Reader

A companion volume to McKenzie Wark’s Molecular Red

synthetic zerØ

In the Molecular Red Reader, Mckenzie Wark collects several newly translated essays by Bogdanov and Platonov, a few essays by Wark himself (including one titled “Proletkult for Sex Workers” with reflections on Paul B. Preciado‘s Testo Junkie), and an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson. The reader can be downloaded for free here.


In Molecular Red, McKenzie Wark creates philosophical tools for the Anthropocene, our new planetary epoch, in which human and natural forces are so entwined that the future of one determines that of the other.

Wark explores the implications of Anthropocene through the story of two empires, the Soviet and then the American. The fall of the former prefigures that of the latter. From the ruins of these mighty histories, Wark salvages ideas to help us picture what kind of worlds collective labor might yet build. From the Russian revolution, Wark unearths the work of Alexander…

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