Wilderness Group Tour: PhD dissertations and writing/support/accountablity groups

This is the post that sparked the two reflections on writing I shared earlier today. Interesting reading on ‘writing groups’. I firmly believe there is no one way to write that will work for everyone (or even for the same people for different projects), but there are so many people continuing to struggle with ways that don’t work for them, I think these kinds of discussions can only be valuable.

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I was recently asked to make a brief presentation about dissertation writing/support groups. I was one of four presenters at a workshop hosted by the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studies. I had a few thoughts about these writing groups, why there is such a hunger for them among PhD candidates, and why they usually seem to be of limited success. What follows is a modified script of my presentation. It speaks primarily to my experiences at the University of Toronto, but may be of broader interest and use.

I’ve been a member of at least three writing or accountability groups since beginning work on my dissertation, and I’ve been invited to join more.

One group met (still meets) weekly (usually), at a café on campus, to set goals for the week ahead and to review how each member did (or did not) meet goals set at the previous…

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  1. Peter Gratton says:

    Thanks for posting. Not least for the local angle for me of the site.

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