Shakespeare in the Ruins – Antony and Cleopatra in Winnipeg

Thanks to ‘Sig Laser’ for sending me details of an interesting site-specific production of Shakespeare’s Antony in Cleopatra. The production is “a story of occupation, set on the pre-confederation plains of Manitoba during the fur trade”. From the accounts in The Winnipeg Free Press comes this description of director Sarah Kitz’s vision:

Her idea — which will debut at SIR’s outdoor home in St. Norbert tonight — was to bring the story to the Red River in pre-Confederation times; Cleopatra and her Egyptians would be represented by indigenous Canadians, while Antony and the Romans would be portrayed as European fur traders.

“It shows us how relevant the play still is, because we are living in the colonial after-effects in this country,” she says. “Winnipeg predominately, and Canada at large, is really waking up to this conversation, so the timing of this show is quite spectacular in that way.

“It’s one more example of how Shakespeare can continue to be relevant when we are able to use his play as a frame for what is happening now.”


Antony & Cleopatra short preview video.

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