Audio recording of talk on terrain and territory from AAG 2015

Terrain, Territory, VolumeThe audio recording of my 22 April 2015 AAG talk on ‘The Geophysics of Territory’ is available here (18 minutes). This was in sessions co-organised with Gastón Gordillo; Derek Gregory and Setha Low acted as discussants. The talk ranges across quite a range of questions and was intended to be a broad introduction to the theme before the other papers. I even manage to get some Shakespeare in at the end.

I then gave a slightly expanded version of the talk on 21 May 2015 as”Terrain, Territory, Volume“, at the Center for Place, Culture and Politics, Graduate Center, CUNY. That talk was much more image-driven – the opening slide above is of the Golan Heights. Because it was more image focused, the audio doesn’t work so well alone. But the key points should be clear from the AAG paper.

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