Geopoliticus Child: Drone Workshop in Neuchatel

A report on the recent drones conference in Neuchâtel.


I’m on my way back from a fantastic if sweltering conference hosted by Francisco Klauser and Silvano Pedrozo in Neuchatel, yards from the beautiful Lake Geneva. The workshop was titled ‘Power and Space in the Drone Age’ and opened to a wonderful start with a keynote from Jeremy Crampton on drone assemblages, algorithmic lives, and their economies. I really enjoyed talks from a session I chaired on the making of the drone by Anna Jackman (Exeter, UK) who gave some fascinating insights into drone trade shows, and Ciara Bracken-Roche (Queens, Ontario) on the relationship between the drone industry in Canada, which is highly involved in the formation of new regulation, and the wider public perception of the drone. Other talks included keynotes from Ian Shaw, Ole Jensen and papers from Silvano Pedrozo, Synne Tolerud Bull, Irendra Radjavali and Neil Waghorn. As I left Kyle Grayson was starting to discuss…

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