Geographica Helvetica forum on Heidegger, critical geography and the ‘black notebooks’ – call for further contributions

graphic_gh_cover_homepageThe multi-lingual journal “Geographica Helvetica” (Swiss Journal of Geography), an open access journal, has recently launched a discussion forum on “Heidegger and critical geography”.

In the discussion forum, contributors discuss the question how we should engage Heidegger’s thought after and beyond the publication of his diaries, the “Schwarze Hefte” (Black Notebooks). This has been a controversial discussion in philosophical circles, and we think that as many geographers have engaged Heidegger’s thought and still do so, a debate on whether or not we have to re-think our engagement post-“Schwarze Hefte” is somewhat warranted.

We have already a few contributions published – you’ll find them here:

More contributions are promised by Claude Raffestin, Geneva, Florian Grosser, St Gallen and Julia Verne, Frankfurt.

We would like to encourage more critical geographers to take part in this debate!

As always in Geographica Helvetica, this is a multi-lingual forum, so you can submit contributions in three (out of four) Swiss languages (German, French, Italian) as well as in English.

Anybody interested to participate with a contribution or to suggest potential interested scholars to contribute, please contact Benedikt Korf.

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