Dominique Janicaud, Heidegger in France – forthcoming in October from Indiana University Press

Dominique Janicaud’s important book Heidegger in France is forthcoming in English translation in October from Indiana University Press, translated by François Raffoul and David Pettigrew.


Dominique Janicaud claimed that every French intellectual movement—from existentialism to psychoanalysis—was influenced by Martin Heidegger. This translation of Janicaud’s landmark work, Heidegger en France, details Heidegger’s reception in philosophy and other humanistic and social science disciplines. Interviews with key French thinkers such as Françoise Dastur, Jacques Derrida, Élaine Escoubas, Jean Greisch, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-Luc Marion, and Jean-Luc Nancy are included and provide further reflection on Heidegger’s relationship to French philosophy. An intellectual undertaking of authoritative scope, this work furnishes a thorough history of the French reception of Heidegger’s thought.

From the ‘table of contents’ it looks like the first volume of Janicaud’s study is included, but the second volume of interviews seems to only be included in part – only 7 of 18 interviews are listed. That’s a shame, though I suppose understandable if the aim was to make one large volume out of the two. But there is an irony in the front cover picture showing Heidegger with Kostas Axelos, Jacques Lacan, Jean Beaufret, Sylvie Bataille and Elfriede Heidegger when the interview with Axelos isn’t included inside. (the photo and the people are briefly discussed here.) Axelos was Heidegger’s interpreter at important events, and translated some of his work into French, so he didn’t play a minor role in the story…

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