When Heidegger met Lacan

This photo has been doing the rounds on facebook (via Difundir Psicoanálisis). It is from Heidegger’s visit to Lacan’s home at Guitrancourt which he visited shortly before delivering the ‘What is Philosophy?’ lecture at Cerisy-la-salle in 1955. A young Kostas Axelos was the interpreter.

Heidegger, Axelos, Lacan et al

Left to right – Heidegger, Axelos, Lacan, Jean Beaufret (recipient of the Letter on Humanism), Elfriede Heidegger, Sylvia Bataille (by this time married to Lacan).

Axelos discusses the meeting in his interview with Dominique Janicaud in Heidegger en France II: Entretiens (Paris, Albin Michel, 2001).

Update June 2015: Axelos’s book, Introduction to a Future Way of Thought: On Marx and Heidegger has now been published by Meson Press. The book is open access online and print-on-demand.

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13 Responses to When Heidegger met Lacan

  1. Naxos says:

    It is cool to think that Deleuze did cut his relation with Axelos after publishing Anti-Oedipus. Though Foucault is missing, I better like this other ‘next generation’ pic taken almost 20 years later http://schizosophy.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/26.jpg

    • stuartelden says:

      Does that photo exist anywhere with a caption? I don’t know who all the figures are, but would be pleased to link to it.

    • stuartelden says:

      The split between Axelos and Deleuze was prompted by Axelos’s criticisms of the book – suggesting that Deleuze was romanticising schizophrenia and suggesting he wouldn’t want his own son to be diagnosed with that condition.

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