Books received – Duménil and Lévy, Massumi, Nietzsche, Clark, Shakespeare, Comité d’action santé, Langlois

BooksA pile of recently acquired books – Dumenil and Levy’s The Crisis of Neoliberalism, Brian Massumi’s Ontopower, Friedrich Nietzsche’s Writing from the Early Notebooks, Timothy Clark, Ecocriticism on the Edge, the Penguin edition of Shakespeare’s Richard II, Comité d’action santé, Médicine, and Denis Langlois, Guide du militant. Clark’s book was sent from the publisher, but the rest were bought, most second-hand.

The text from the Comité d’action santé is from 1968, and I think is a kind of forerunner of the work of the Group d’information santé; Langlois’s book is from 1972 and comes from the same intellectual and political context as the GIS and associated groups. Both are for the Foucault project.

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