Derek Gregory’s ‘Reach from the Sky’ Tanner lectures

bioconvergence-and-the-bomber-crew-001Last week I took the short trip from London to Cambridge to attend Derek Gregory’s Tanner lectures – ‘Reach from the sky: aerial violence and the everywhere war’. The lectures covered a lot, from early aircraft to the Second World War, to Vietnam, Iraq and Gaza, and today’s drone warfare.

He delivered the two lectures on the first evening, and then on the second evening there was a discussion with Grégoire Chamayou, Jochen von Bernstorff and Chris Woods which I unfortunately couldn’t attend. All of this was filmed, and will be available online. I’ll share a link when available. And it will of course all be written up and published.

In the meantime, he has shared his own thoughts and many of the striking images on his Geographical Imaginations site.

He has also shared the videos from the ‘Through Post-Atomic Eyes‘ conference from October 2015 on YouTube, including his “Little Boys and Blue Skies: drones through post-atomic eyes“. More details here.

Update: Alex Jeffrey discusses the lectures here.

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  1. dmf says:
    Monocle’s executive editor Steve Bloomfield sits down with actor, writer and artist Antony Sher to discuss the guilt of growing up during Apartheid, bringing Shakespeare to the masses and how he overcame his own conflicts in order to get where he is today

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