Shakespeare’s Globe to take Hamlet to ‘Jungle’ refugee camp

Shakespeare’s Hamlet recently performed at the Calais refugee camp. See also the extraordinary photo essay by Léopold Lambert at The Funambulist

Greek Left Review

Calais performance will be latest in series company has staged at refugee settlements during its Globe to Globe world tour / The Globe Theatre’s touring production of Hamlet at the Zataari Refugee camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border.
Mark Brown Arts correspondent The Guardian
Friday 29 January 2016

Shakespeare’s Globe is taking its world touring production of Hamlet to the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais.

5976Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian

The theatre company said its Globe to Globe tour, which aims to play Hamlet to every country in the world by 23 April, would arrive in Calais for a one-off performance on Wednesday.

It will be staged in partnership with the Good Chance theatre and performance project created in the camp by the playwrights Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson.

Tom Bird, producer of Globe to Globe, said: “We had heard what the guys were doing at Good Chance and we decided…

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