Tributes to Doreen Massey

doreen-masseyTributes to Doreen Massey:

Open University message board

Joe Painter in Soundings

Rob Kitchin at Ireland after NAMA; and ‘Geographers matter! Doreen Massey (1944-2016)‘ in Social and Cultural Geography

Gillian Rose at Visual/Method/Culture

Álvaro Sevilla Buitrago at Multipliciudades (in Spanish)

Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries at Hidden Europe

Jo Littler and Jeremy Gilbert at Open Democracy

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos at Critical Legal Thinking

Hilary Wainwright at Open Democracy

In Memorium: Doreen Massey at Association of American Geographers

Obituary by David Featherstone in The Guardian.

A tribute to Doreen Massey by Noel Castree in Progress in Human Geography

In Memorium: Doreen Massey (1944-2016) by Tracey Skelton at the Society and Space open site

I’ll add more as I see them (please feel free to post in comments).

A number of Doreen’s pieces from Open Democracy are here. Her essays in Antipode are now open access here; and in Society and Space here. Her essayPlaces and Their Pasts“, History Workshop Journal 39 (part of a HWJ feature on ‘Re-thinking the Idea of Place’ from 1995) is also open access.

My own, very brief, thoughts from March 12th are here.



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20 Responses to Tributes to Doreen Massey

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  2. Its Sunday night in Singapore and I have just been passed this sad news – I seek solace in reflecting on how the meaning of geography is forever enriched by Doreen’s work.

  3. As writers well outside the academic community, we have been much influenced by Doreen Massey’s work. We have today posted our own brief tribute to Doreen online at
    Nicky Gardner & Susanne Kries
    editors / hidden europe magazine

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  5. Doreen Massey’s scholarship had a real impact–to geography obviously, but also to broader movements at the intersection of politics, justice, and urbanism. Jo Littler and Jeremy Gilbert have a at Open Democracy:

  6. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:

    I’ve added three new tributes since first posting, plus a link to a number of Doreen’s essay on Open Democracy.

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  10. Roya says:

    Doreen was an exceptional person. I will miss her a lot.

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  12. Nuria Benach says:

    Here is the note we wrote (in Spanish) for our blog espaiscritics after Doreen’s death ( . We became very good friends while working in the book “Doreen Massey. Un sentido global del lugar” (

  13. Ivan Turok says:

    Doreen was an intellectual giant and a wonderful person. As a young PhD researcher in the 1980s I was deeply inspired by her work and enjoyed several meetings with her where she kindly listened to my emerging ideas and shared rich theoretical and practical insights from her own experience.

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