The 2016 Antipode AAG Lecture – “What Now?” by Michael Watts

Details of Michael Watts’s Antipode lecture at the AAG conference – another reason I am sorry not to be attending this year. Also a number of linked papers made open access.

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The 2016 Antipode AAG Lecture

What Now?

Michael Watts

University of California, Berkeley

2016 AAG

The 2016 Antipode AAG Lecture will be presented by Michael Watts on Wednesday 30th March, from 17:20 to 19:00 (in Continental 5, Hilton Hotel, Ballroom Level); the lecture will be followed by a drinks reception sponsored by our publisher, Wiley.

MICHAEL WATTSMichael is the Class of 1963 Chair in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley. We suspect he needs little introduction from us, though. Since the mid 1970s he has been central to so many of the conversations that have made radical/critical geography what it is today. Marxist agrarian studies; famine; colonial transitions and postcolonial capitalisms; the political economy of development; political ecology; food systems; contract farming; oil and petropolitics; the critique of the “resource curse”; state and corporate power; capitalism and modernity; Africa and the consequences of structural adjustment; development at the turn of the millennium…

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