Daniel McLoughlin (ed.) Agamben and Radical Politics

9781474402637_1This looks an interesting collection: Agamben and Radical Politics, edited by Daniel McLoughlin.

Giorgio Agamben’s analysis of sovereignty was profoundly influential for critical theory as it grappled with issues of security and state violence in the wake of 11 September 2001. But what does his work have to say in an age characterised by financial crisis and political revolts? The 12 essays in this volume provide new perspectives on economy and political action by analysing Agamben’s recent work on government, his account of a non-statist politics and his relationship to the revolutionary tradition. It includes a new essay by Agamben himself, entitled ‘Capitalism as Religion’.

It’s currently hardback and e-book only.

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1 Response to Daniel McLoughlin (ed.) Agamben and Radical Politics

  1. Janet Abbey says:

    Interesting. In Nathaniel Brandon’s unpurged first edition of his biography of Ayn Rand, he describes a talk he had with her saying he had an insight that they, being Jews, had envisioned capitalism as a “religion,” an idea Rand immediately disagreed with.

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