Grandfathers, Geopolitics, and Generational Legacies

Colin Flint with news of his recently published book.


My book Geopolitical Constructs: The Mulberry Harbours, World War Two, and the Making of a Militarized Transatlantic has just been published by Rowman and Littlefield ( This book has been a long labor of love for me, requiring a number of visits over the years to the UK for archival research. It is dedicated to my grandfather who served in the Royal Signals in the war. He was a mild-mannered gentleman who taught me how to play chess. He was also partially defined by the war and his service. So were my parents, children in London during the war. It seemed to have defined them too. Hence, WWII, even though it ended 20 years before I was born, played a role in framing my identity, and that of my generation. It was this sense of post-war psychological scarring that spurred me to write the book. I was also…

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