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Books received – Canguilhem, Lefebvre, Farge and Foucault, Nail, Weber, Repo, Pasnau

Four books from OUP in recompense for review work (Thomas Nail, Theory of the Border; Cynthia Weber, Queer International Relations; Jemina Repo, The Biopolitics of Gender and Robert Pasnau, Metaphysical Themes 1274-1671), the long-awaited English translation of Arlette Farge and Michel … Continue reading

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Francisco Klauser, Surveillance and Space – the second book in the Society and Space series

Series editor copies of Francisco Klauser, Surveillance and Space have arrived. This is the  second book in the Society and Space series, closely following Dan Bulley’s  Migration, Ethics and Power: Spaces Of Hospitality In International Politics. Here’s the description of … Continue reading

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Towards a reading list on Trump’s Geographies

The updated version of the reading list is here. Last updated 26 January 2017. Today’s news that George Orwell’s 1984 is the best-selling book on Amazon is perhaps unsurprising, given the bleak times we are in. A few people have … Continue reading

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Althusser, an Intellectual Adventure – a film by Bruno Oliviero

Althusser, an Intellectual Adventure – a film by Bruno Oliviero. I missed seeing this in Paris last week, and hope other screenings will take place. Philosopher, Marxist, professor, murderer. More than a quarter century after his death, Louis Althusser, one … Continue reading

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Henri Lefebvre, Key Writings to be reissued in Bloomsbury’s Revelations series

Henri Lefebvre, Key Writings is to be reissued in Bloomsbury’s Revelations series. It’s not out until October, but the previous version is still in print. There are no changes to the new version – in fact I wasn’t even told … Continue reading

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Books received – Brenner, Foucault, Macauley, Binswanger

Neil Brenner’s Critique of Urbanization, the translation of Foucault’s Mental Illness and Psychology (for the intro by Hubert Dreyfus); David Macauley’s Elemental Philosophy and Ludwig Binswanger’s Ausgewählte Werke. Neil kindly sent me a copy of his book, the Macauley was recompense for review work, and … Continue reading

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#DeleteAcademiaEdu: The Argument For Non-Profit Repositories

Originally posted on History From Below :
It has been a hectic morning attempting to read and respond to the flurry of activity surrounding my column this week over at Forbes, which argues that scholars should remove their work from the for-profit…

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Delete your account… (there are other ways to share your work)

Last night I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – I deleted my account. A post by Kris Olds on Twitter linking to this story in Forbes was the spur. I have a page on … Continue reading

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IBRU releases new Arctic map with sea ice changes

IBRU: Centre for Borders Research at Durham University has released a new version of its widely used Arctic map. IBRU’s original Arctic map, first released in 2008 and revised several times since, was a landmark product that assimilated a variety of bathymetric … Continue reading

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FIFTY-YEARS ON: The Right to the City

Originally posted on andy merrifield:
2017 marks the Golden Jubilee of Henri Lefebvre’s Right to the City, his “cry and demand” for a more participatory and democratic city life. It’s a cause both to celebrate and commiserate. But celebration and…

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