Apocalypse, Now! Peter Sloterdijk & Bernard Stiegler on the Anthropocene

Deterritorial Investigations

Aerial view of a bushfire in New South Wales, Australia, 12 February 2017. While bushfires ravage the Australian landscape every year, in 2017, land and sea temperatures were pushed up due to climate change, increasing the severity of fire seasons. Photo: AFP Photo

“We would finally like to ask here, most likely in deviation from Stiegler’s own intentions, whether it would be possible to conceive of such an internation as an enabling strategy for what Antonio Negri and Judith Revel have called “the invention of the common” (Negri and Revel 2008), i.e. as an intermediate step toward the establishment of a “global commons” of knowledge and capabilities and ultimately a common global authority not only beyond the private but also beyond the public. This return to Negri does not mean that we are proposing to undermine the role of the state, which we have invoked earlier. On the contrary, if the global economy in the past decades has been running on the principle of privatization and marketization, as Slavoj Žižek has rightly argued (Žižek 2009), and if the recent triumph of Donald Trump as well as the Brexit signal a return to a…

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