‘Measuring Territories: The Techniques of Rule’ – talk to Kingston Shakespeare seminar, Rose Theatre, 16 March 2017

On Thursday I’ll be giving a talk at the Rose Theatre to the Kingston Shakespeare seminar, entitled ‘Measuring Territories: The Techniques of Rule’. It’s a version of Chapter 7 of my Shakespearean Territories manuscript. Speaking about Shakespeare in a theatre – doesn’t get much better than that…

All the details and a very generous introduction are here.

We are delighted to have Professor Stuart Elden give a talk at KiSS. His talk is on the central topic of Kingston Shakespeare, namely Shakespeare and philosophy, with a lecture entitled ‘Measuring Territories: The Techniques of Rule’. This session convenes on March 16, at our usual space in the Gallery of the Rose Theatre, Kingston. We begin at 6.30 pm. It is free and open to everyone. See also the Facebook event page!

Stuart Elden FBA is one of the foremost contemporary thinkers working at the intersection of politics, philosophy and geography. He is also an acute reader of Shakespeare, who brings brilliant analytic skills to the interpretation of the plays.

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