Freud’s papers on technique in English – a summary of the suggestions

Earlier this week I asked this question:

As part of my work on the early Foucault, I’m working through Lacan’s early seminars. I want to read the texts of Freud which Lacan is discussing first. The first extant volume of Lacan’s seminar is on ‘Freud’s Papers on Technique’. I have most of the volumes of the Penguin Freud library, but the papers on technique are largely excluded from that collection. I know the individual papers are in the Standard Edition, but since that is organised chronologically, they are spread between multiple volumes. There is a collection of the technical papers in French, and a volume of them was published in Freud’s lifetime in German. But is there a single English volume that contains them, or most of them?

9782130619543_v100I received various suggestions, all of which were appreciated. As I said, the Standard Edition has these, but in multiple volumes. Volume XII has ‘papers on technique’ as part of its title, but there are more papers in other volumes. Steven Ellman’s Freud’s Technique Papers: A Contemporary Perspective includes several along with commentary (the subtitle and authored nature of the book is misleading, I think). There are various ‘complete works’ available online, of variable quality. The 1924 Collected Papers, Vol II (freely available online) comprises two parts – one on ‘Clinical Papers’ and one on ‘Papers on Technique’. That seems the most comprehensive single volume in English. The French La technique psychanalytique (or the German Schriften zur Behandlungstechnik) doesn’t seem to have a simple equivalent.

Update: thanks to John Russell in a comment below, who has pointed out that there is indeed an English volume which covers this material – Therapy or Technique, edited by Philip Rieff, New York: Collier, 1963 (and reprints).

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  1. Just today found a better answer: the Collier Books edition of the works of Freud (Philip Rieff, ed.) has a “Therapy and Technique” volume that contains all of the essays found in _La technique psychanalytique_ plus 8 others.

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