Last week’s to do list

IMG_2326 copy.jpg

Just back from a good week’s holiday, cycling in Lanzarote. The hire bike was great fun – a BH G6 Pro. I borrowed one of these for a weekend in Australia a couple of years ago, in a slightly earlier model but with a better set of components. I was sorry to have to give both back. This was a really good bike to ride, light for climbing and fast, though I did get buffeted with the crosswinds. Lanzarote isn’t nearly as high as Tenerife or Gran Canaria, but there are some nasty gradients in places. Apart from the far northeast we covered nearly all of the island, including the climb to its highest point, Peñas del Chache.

It was a week without thinking about work, or writing, and a good break. Now back for just a couple of days before I head to Amsterdam, with a plan to have some good writing time while there.

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