Ivan Krastev and Luiza Bialasiewicz on the future of the EU

Ivan Krastev and Luiza Bialasiewicz on the future of the EU – a discussion last week in Amsterdam:

Will the European Union survive 2017? What will the elections in countries crucial for Europe’s future bring? And why is it that of all people, Donald Trump might be Europe’s saviour?

On May 10, just after the French elections, Ivan Krastev, one of Europe’s most influential political scientists, will come to discuss with us the above mentioned questions.

‘The European Union is dead, but hasn’t realized this yet’, Marine le Pen, leader of Front National, recently commented. Although the media quickly refuted this verdict, it remains unresolved in the minds of many Europeans whether the EU will survive 2017. Can we counteract the rise of populism and nationalism? Which advice does Ivan Krastev give Europe in a year where the EU’s existence is at stake?

Krastev describes in his New York Times’ article How Trump Might Save the EU how the US could once again become Europe’s saviour. By adopting Donald Trump’s winning strategy and rhetoric, he argues that European populists are doing themselves harm.

Ivan Krastev presents a keynote on the questions above, and takes part in a discussion with Jean Monnet Professor Luiza Bialasiewicz and director of De Balie, Yoeri Albrecht.

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