An Interview with Elizabeth Grosz (2017)

An open-access interview with Elizabeth Grosz in TCS.

Foucault News

An Interview with Elizabeth Grosz, Theory Culture and Society, 22 May 2017

The Incorporeal’: An Interview with Elizabeth Grosz
Elizabeth Grosz & Vikki Bell
March 2017

VB: Many congratulations on the publication of your new book The Incorporeal: Ontology, Ethics and the Limits of Materialism (Columbia University Press, 2017). The book seems to simultaneously explore a genealogy of a concept ‘the incorporeal’ while also proposing it as a concept that has both explanatory power and ethical promise. I wonder if there is a debate that is un- or under-described here but that drives the desire to explore the incorporeal and these thinkers, since genealogy in both Nietzsche and Foucault’s sense is always a purposive endeavour. Which positions are you taking a stance against, or which oversights are you seeking to correct?

EG: I wouldn’t say that it is a corrective particularly, though there are a number of positions…

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  1. dmf says:

    Saskia Sassen 1/2: Le territoire de la nation dans tous ses états

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