The PolGRG Book Award (2017-2018) in coordination with Political Geography Journal

News of a Political Geography book award – nominations by end of September 2017.

Political Geography Research Group

We are delighted to announce that the Political Geography Research Group Royal Geographic Society (PolGRG) Book Award received positive endorsement at the PolGRG AGM in London, in September 2016. Phil Steinberg (Editor of the journal Political Geography) has confirmed interest and sponsorship with the Political Geography publisher at Elsevier. The PolGRG/PG Book Award was officially launched at the PolGRG AGM on 13 June 2016.

About the PolGRG Book Award

The PolGRG / Political Geography co-sponsored Book Award is an award recognising new academic volumes whose theme engages with the interests of PolGRG and, more widely, contributes to the subdiscipline of political geography. Political geography concerns a wide variety of diverse issues connected with relationships between space and power.

Which books are eligible?

In line with the diversity of PolGRG interests and membership, the PolGRG Book Award is aimed at published volumes stirring interest and debate around: territoriality and sovereignty…

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