The Southern Journal of Philosophy – Spindel supplement on Critical Theories of the Present (open access)

Update 1 September 2017: the issue appears to be open access

Progressive Geographies

untitledThe proceedings of last year’s Spindel Conference at the University of Memphis on the topic “Critical Histories of the Present” have now been published in The Southern Journal of Philosophy. Edited by Verena Erlenbusch, it has contributions from Bilge Akbalik, Amy Allen, Shouta Brown, Andrew Daily, Andrew Dilts, Stuart Elden, Bryan Kimoto, Colin Koopman, Jordan Liz, Mary Beth Mader, Ladelle McWhorter, Maia Nahele, Kevin Olson, Tuomo Tiisala, Jasmine Wallace, and Jim Zubko. The issue requires subscription, unfortunately.

[Update 1 September 2017: the issue appears to be open access]

My contribution is entitled ‘Foucault and Shakespeare: Ceremony, Theatre, Politics‘. A preprint is available here. Here’s the abstract:

Foucault only refers to Shakespeare in a few places in his work. He is intrigued by the figures of madness that appear in King Lear, Hamlet, and Macbeth. He occasionally notes the overthrow of one monarch by another…

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