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Moriel Ram (University College London) on Camillo Boano’s The Ethics of a Potential Urbanism: Critical Encounters Between Giorgio Agamben and Architecture, a book that presents Agamben’s work as a “concrete platform for the conceptual experiment to rethink the notion of potentiality and to re-examine how political theory can challenge our notions of the built environment”.

Nathan Poirier (Canisius College) on Harvey Neo and Jody Emel’s Geographies of Meat: Politics, Economy, and Culture – “both highly revered and highly tabooed … [meat is a] complex and sensitive issue … intertwined with culture, societies, politics, religion, and identity … The book expands on critical animal geographies by focusing on farmed animals … [extending and applying] concepts from anarchist geography”.

Jonathan Everts (Universität Bonn) on Steve Hinchliffe, Nick Bingham, John Allen and Simon Carter’s Pathological Lives: Disease, Space, and Biopolitics, which is “novel … ingenious …  the most thorough, detailed…

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