Marijn Nieuwenhuis and David Crouch (eds), The Question of Space: Interrogating the Spatial Turn between Disciplines

59a10ed2f5ba7412f85029f8Marijn Nieuwenhuis and David Crouch (eds), The Question of Space: Interrogating the Spatial Turn between Disciplines – now out with Rowman and Littlefield International.

The spatial turn has been deeply influential across the humanities and social sciences for several decades. Yet despite this long term influence most volumes focus mainly on geography and tend to take a Eurocentric approach to the topic. The Question of Space takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding how the spatial turn has affected other disciplines. By connecting developments across radically different fields the volume bridges the very borders that separate the academic space. From new geographies through performance, the internet, politics and the arts, the distinctive chapters undertake conversations that often surprisingly converge in approach, questions and insights Together the chapters transcend longstanding disciplinary boundaries to build a constructive dialogue around the question of space.

Prelude: Playing with Space, Marijn Nieuwenhuis and David Crouch / 1. Space, living, atmospheres, affectivities, David Crouch / 2. ‘Knowing one’s place’ – mapping landscapes in and as performance in contemporary South Africa, Awelani Moyo / 3. Vocalic space: socio-materiality and sonic spatiality, George Revill / 4. bell hooks’ Affective Politics of Space and Belonging, Yvonne Zivkovic / 5. As Tenses Implode: Encountering Post-Traumatic Urbanism in Ghassan Kanafani’s ʿĀʾid ila Hayfā, Ghayde Ghraowi / 6. ‘Place’ in an Inverted World? A Japanese Theory of Place, Atsuko Watanabe / 7. The Invisible Lines of Territory: an Investigation into the Makeup of Territory, Marijn Nieuwenhuis / 8. Two Internet Cartographies: Google Maps and the Unmappable Darknet, Andrei Belibou / 9.Space is no one thing: luring thought through film and philosophy, Philip Conway / 10.Mayday – a letter from the Earth, Martin Gren / Postlude: And… And… And…, Marijn Nieuwenhuis and David Crouch /

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