Citations, references, exhaustion

Alistair Fraser on citations and different practices. The in text vs endnotes is probably never going to be resolved (I much prefer the latter) but consistency within each shouldn’t be impossible. As for students, as long as it is internally consistent, I’m not especially bothered. But inconsistent style just shows a lack of care.

Eye on the World

I don’t exactly dream of a day when all academic outlets agree on one referencing format, but I certainly wish we might get there. I know there are academics who use referencing software – you well-organized (smug?) types – who probably find immense (geeky?) pleasure in quickly putting together a bibliography or tweaking citations. But there is certainly a case to be made for just scrapping all of the variation (the Harvard, Chicago, etc etc styles) and agreeing on one (new) format. I’m exhausted by the whole process. In the bibliography, do I put a period after an author’s initial? When I cite, is a page number preceded by a colon or comma or what? Honestly, can’t we just agree on one style and be done with it? Can’t geographers, at the very least, agree on a Geography style and can’t journal editors sign up to it? [I…

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