Stuart Elden’s Foucault books reviewed and discussed (PAIS News)

Stuart Elden’s Foucault books reviewed and discussed

fld.jpgStuart Elden’s two books Foucault’s Last Decade (Polity 2016) and Foucault: The Birth of Power (Polity 2017) have recently been reviewed and discussed in a number of places.

A review of both books can be found in The Nation by Bruce Robbins and in 3am Magazine by Peter Gratton (along with Foucault’s The Punitive Society).

A review of Foucault’s Last Decade by Kurt Borg is in Foucault Studies; and one of Foucault: the Birth of Power at the LSE Review of Books by Syamala Roberts.

He has also taken part in discussions with Dave O’Brien for the New Books in Critical Theory series on both books – Foucault’s Last Decade here and Foucault: The Birth of Power here.

Foucault: The Birth of PowerAmong earlier discussions of the books there is one with Peter Gratton, Eduardo Mendieta and Dianna Taylor in Symposium; and with Antoinette Koleva in Foucault Studies, also in Bulgarian translation in Sociological Problems [Социологически проблеми]. There is also a longer piece about the writing of the books at Berfrois. All the above links are open access.

Stuart is currently writing a book on The Early Foucault, and updates on its research and writing can be found at his blog, Progressive Geographies.


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