ScholarlyHub – Scholars launch crowdfunding campaign for non-profit academic platform


ScholarlyHub has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a new, multi-disciplinary open-access platform for scholarly communications. It aims to boost interaction among scholars and enhance their ability to share their work with the public at large, free from the constraints placed by publishing conglomerates and myopic government policies. ScholarlyHub will be an inclusive but critical space where curiosity and creativity can flourish and where scholars’ independence is protected for their own benefit and that of society at large.This non-profit platform will redefine social networks for scholars. The major academic social networking sites have been backed by venture capitalists, whose primary goal to profit from scraping and selling scholars’ data. ScholarlyHub, by contrast, is committed to scholarship, not profit. It aims to repair an unjust academic system and a global disparity in access to research, which is often publicly funded. By creating a member-run social network, ScholarlyHub will become a sustainable alternative for bringing scholars closer together in an increasingly fragmented academic landscape.

ScholarlyHub is an Amsterdam-based foundation supported by a diverse network of people from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Once fully developed, the site will offer a broad range of services, including personal pages, an open-access repository, data storage, job and conference wikis, mentorship programs, teaching aids and access to a variety of review and publishing protocols. ScholarlyHub will never sell users’ data and will always be run for and by its community.

Guy Geltner, founder and community director of the platform, says: “It’s time to create a truly inclusive space; one that lets scholars define quality research without being enslaved by irrelevant metrics, ends the absurdity of conglomerate publishers earning billions on the back of free labor, and prevents data merchants from turning human curiosity into yet another product.”

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