Books received – Dumézil, Canguilhem, Nail, Irrera & Vaccaro, Villacañas & Castro, Foucault, Kotowicz, Braunstein et al, Bleiker

A pile of recently received books – Georges Dumézil, Entretiens avec Didier Eribon; Georges Canguilhem, Études d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences; Thomas Nail, Lucretius I: An Ontology of Motion; Orazio Irrera & Salvo Vaccaro, La pensée politique de Foucault, José Luis Villacañas & Rodrigo Castro (eds.), Foucault y la Historia de la Filosofía; Michel Foucault, Subjectivity and Truth; Zbigniew Kotowicz, Gaston Bachelard: A Philosophy of the Surreal; Jean-François Braunstein; Daniele Lorenzini; Ariane Revel; Judith Revel and Arianna Sforzini (eds.), Foucault(s) and Roland Bleiker (eds.), Visual Global Politics.


Roland Bleiker’s edited collection and Thomas Nail’s ambitious study were sent by the publishers, Subjectivity and Truth is a review copy (review forthcoming in Foucault Studies), the book on Bachelard was pre-ordered in recompense for review work, and the Spanish collection was a gift from Rodrigo Castro. The Canguilhem book I had already in an earlier edition, but this one has an additional essay in it. Most connect to the current work on Foucault and Canguilhem.

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