Books received – Delaporte, de Beauvoir, Barrett, Douglas, Shakespeare, Peters, Steinberg and Stratford, Radical Philosophy


A mixed pile of things – François Delaporte, Nature’s Second Kingdom; Lisa Appignanesi’s biography of Simone de Beauvoir; Chris Barrett, Early Modern English Literature and the Poetics of Cartographic Anxiety; Gordon Douglas, The Help-Yourself Citythe CUP edition of All’s Well That Ends Well, the edited collection Territory Beyond Terra and the first issue of the relaunched Radical Philosophy. I’m on the board of the OUP Early Modern Literary Geography series Barrett’s book appears in, and wrote the preface to Territory Beyond Terra. Both are highly recommended. OUP sent a copy of Douglas’s book, and the RP collective sent the issue. Radical Philosophy is now open access, but they need support.

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