‘Little Stars and Galloping Steeds: Sex in Shakespeare’ – Rose Theatre Kingston, June 22, 2018

The day before the Foucault and Shakespeare event, there is a day-long workshop at Kingston’s Rose Theatre.

Little Stars and Galloping Steeds: Sex in Shakespeare – Friday June 22, 2018, Rose Theatre Kingston. It’s free, but registration is required.

9.30am: Registration

10am: Opening remarks, Christian Smith (Kingston University)

10.15am: Desire

Nell McKeown (King’s College London)

Emilia’s Phoenix Love: Female Eroticism in The Two Noble Kinsmen

Elena Pellone (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)

How might one do, sir, to lose it to her own liking?: Shakespeare and the female gaze

Phoebe Murphy-Brown (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)

Queer Theory and Cross Gender Casting in Modern Adaptations of Shakespeare

11:35am: Coffee

12pm: Jonathan Dollimore

Shakespeare and Sex at Sussex University

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Language and Form

Jerzy Limon (University of Gdańsk)

Visiting Netherlands: verbal and visual sexual punning in Shakespeare and contemporary art

Richard O’Brien (University of Birmingham)

No gentle chase: Venus and Adonis in a post-Weinstein world

3.20pm: Theory

Christian Smith (Kingston University)

Dialectical Eros, or Do Bottom and Titania have sex?

Paul Hamilton (Kingston University)

The perverse dynamic and state power

4.30pm: Tea

5pm: David Schalkwyk (Queen Mary University London)

Ever a merry war: Love, sex and war in Shakespeare

6pm: Closing remarks: Richard Wilson (Kingston University)

There will be another Kingston Shakespeare Series Conference: Shakespeare and Foucault on Sat 23 Jun at Garrick’s Temple, Hampton, for more information about this event, click here.

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