Global Politics: A New Introduction, 3rd edition, edited by Jenny Edkins and Maja Zehfuss – Routledge, December 2018

9781138060296Global Politics: A New Introduction, 3rd edition, edited by Jenny Edkins and Maja Zehfuss – forthcoming in December 2018.

The 3rd edition of Global Politics: A New Introduction continues to provide a completely original way of teaching and learning about world politics. The book engages directly with the issues in global politics that students are most interested in, helping them to understand the key questions and theories and also to develop a critical and inquiring perspective.

Completely revised and updated throughout, the 3rd edition includes a host of new illustrative examples which focus on the most pressing issues in in global politics, offering new material on topics such as Migration, Brexit, the rise and impact of ISIS, Race and Racism and Drone warfare.

Global Politics:

  • Examines the most significant issues in global politics – from war, peacebuilding, terrorism, security, violence, nationalism, political violence, human rights and authority to poverty, development, postcolonialism, gender, inequality, ethnicity, environmental politics, nationalism, the internet, democratization, colonialism and the financial crisis.
  • Offers chapters written to a common structure which is ideal for teaching and learning and features a key question, an illustrative example, general responses and broader issues
  • Integrates theory and practice throughout the text, by presenting theoretical ideas and concepts in conjunction with a global range of historical and contemporary case studies

Drawing on theoretical perspectives from a broad range of disciplines including international relations, political theory, postcolonial studies, sociology, geography, peace studies and development this innovative textbook is essential reading for all students of global politics and international relations.

Like the previous editions, I have a  chapter in this, entitled ‘Why is the world divided territorially?’


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