“Much More Than You Think: The Spatialities of Italian Autonomy” – Interview with Neil Gray, author of “Beyond the Right to the City: Territorial Autogestion and the Take over the City Movement in 1970s Italy”

Interesting interview with Neil Grey on the Italian autonomia movement and the right to the city, with some discussion of Lefebvre. The Antipode article it is linked to is unfortunately behind a paywall.


Neil Gray and Hamish Kallin, June 2018

Hamish Kallin: What first got you interested in Italian autonomism?

Neil Gray: My personal biography is perhaps not of much interest, but reflecting on this question might help provide a sense of how the relatively obscure theory and praxis associated with Italian autonomy has travelled into my own working class autodidactic milieu in Scotland. First, a step backwards. My initial shift towards the more radical thinking associated with Italian autonomy came through the Situationist International (SI), who helped me grasp a critique of productivism, the refusal of work and an internal critique of the Left. Relatedly, it was through the SI that I encountered Lefebvre, rather than the other way round as with many geographers, and so my perception of him has always been premised on his more insurrectionary side. If anything the reading of Lefebvre I found through SI texts and commentaries…

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