Books received – Dodds, McCormack, Derrida, Basso, Rekret, Brighenti and Kärrholm


Klaus Dodds, Ice: Nature and Culture; Derek McCormack, Atmospheric Things: On the Allure of Elemental EnvelopmentJacques Derrida, The Ear of the Other; Elisabetta Basso, Michel Foucault et la Daseinsanalyse; The Derrida Reader edited by Julian Wolfreys; Paul Rekret, Derrida and Foucault, Andrea Mubi Brighenti and Mattias Kärrholm (eds.), Urban Walls: Political and Cultural Meanings of Vertical Structures and Surfaces.

Klaus kindly gave me copy of his new book, and Derek’s book and the Urban Walls collection were sent by the publishers – I wrote an endorsement for the latter. The Rekret book is horribly expensive, but was sent in recompense for review work.


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