Intellectual History’s Grounds: A Conversation with Martin Jay

Intellectual History’s Grounds: A Conversation with Martin Jay at the JHI blog

JHI Blog

By guest contributor Alec Walker

Form shapes sight and memory. Yale’s magnificent sightlines serve not only studious tranquility but also cut off the surrounding towers of banking and business, just as gates and security personnel serve to foreclose awareness of those individuals without shelter on the New Haven Green. Aesthetic experience is bound to critical vision: to what extent is this or any university responsible for its setting/surroundings, and to what extent are its members complicit? In no way novel, these questions are too big to be answered in any one article. I raise them merely to set the scene of a recent experience, to mimic my thoughts (critical or despondent) while walking to meet Martin Jay at New Haven’s “The Study,” just down from the Green.

Professor Jay, Ehrman Professor of European History Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, was in town to give the keynote address…

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