Canguilhem, Shakespeare, Snowdonia, Klagenfurt

Canguilhem cover
Last week I was in Cambridge for a book launch for Canguilhem (Polity 2019). The event was introduced by Inanna Hamati-Ataya, and Simon Reid-Henry provided a generous and incisive reading of the book. There was a good discussion, and I’m grateful to all who attended.

Shakespearean Territories cover - CopyLater that week I was in London for the the fourth Denis Cosgrove lecture in the Geohumanities, where I spoke about ‘Shakespearean Landscapes’. That lecture built on the work in Shakespearean Territories (University of Chicago Press, 2018) but developed a reading of King LearMacbeth and Timon of Athens around a theme on which Denis Cosgrove did so much valuable work. Once again, I’m grateful to the organisers for the invitation, and the audience for attending and their questions.

Both the Canguilhem and ‘Shakespearean Landscapes’ events were audio recorded, and I’ll share when available.

The bank holiday weekend was spent cycling in southern Snowdonia, which was great.


Hellfire Pass 1.jpeg

The top of Bwlch y Groes/Hellfire Pass

I’m now on my way to Klagenfurt for the Association for Philosophy and Literature conference. This is my first overseas conference in over a year. There I will be giving a lecture on ‘Foucault, Shakespeare and the Oath’, and taking part in a ‘Close Encounter’ session on my work organised by Peter Gratton, with Jessica Dubow, Adam Haaga, Matthew Hannah, and Jeff Malpas. I’m looking forward to both sessions, albeit with some trepidation, and catching up with a number of friends and hearing some fascinating speakers.

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3 Responses to Canguilhem, Shakespeare, Snowdonia, Klagenfurt

  1. 57gunnar says:

    Klagenfurt – where Ingeborg Bachmann was born?

  2. dmf says:

    very grateful that more folks are recording and sharing lectures these days

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