‘Judith Butler: When Killing Women Isn’t a Crime’ – interview and details of forthcoming book The Force of Non-Violence

9781788732765.jpgJudith Butler: When Killing Women Isn’t a Crime – interview with George Yancy in The New York Times. Thanks to Morris Kaplan for the link.

Among other things it talks of her forthcoming book The Force of Non-Violence, forthcoming with Verso (and distributed by Penguin).

I reached out to the philosopher Judith Butler last year, not long after I wrote an article titled “I Am A Sexist,” as the #MeToo movement was in full swing. I hoped to get an unvarnished critique of the essay. I got much more: A bracing and profound exchange that led to this interview and the reminder that violence against women, in its many forms, is a global tragedy.

Judith Butler is known for her decades of work in philosophy, feminism and activism worldwide. A professor in the department of comparative literature and the program of critical theory at the University of California, Berkeley, she is the author of numerous influential books, including “Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly” and the forthcoming book, “The Force of Non-Violence.” The interview was conducted by email.

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