Warwick IAS WIRL-COFUND 2 year early career fellowships

The Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) at the University of Warwick is pleased to announce that up to five fellowships will be available in 2019 as part of the Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Leadership programme (WIRL-COFUND). The WIRL-COFUND fellowships are jointly funded by the University of Warwick and the European Union through the Marie Skłodowska Curie COFUND scheme (Grant Agreement 713548). The fellowships will provide the opportunity for outstanding early career researchers from around the world to spend two years at Warwick, developing their independent research and undertaking training which will help them develop into the next generation of research leaders.

These two-year fellowships will offer successful applicants the opportunity to accelerate their research careers by developing their own independent research ideas in a world-leading research environment whilst undertaking a specific programme of advanced training delivered through the IAS Academic Careers and Leadership Programme.

Five 2-year independent Fellowships will be available to outstanding early career researchers, with successful candidates starting in September 2020.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to be in contact with host academic departments and mentors prior to applying.

Applications will be accepted from 1 October to 30 November 2019. Full details of the scheme can be found at www.warwick.ac.uk/wirl

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